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A bit more about LovaLinda

Dedicated to fashion, cooking, traveling and photography, ten years ago, LovaLinda created and launched her own blog to share these passions. Shortly after this and along with her earlier 10 years experience as a retail manager and her diplomas at the Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management, she started her own business as a Personal Shopper which later inspired her to quit her career realizing a dream: travel the world solo without itinerary, schedule or duration. 

After two years exploring on her own Oceania, Asia and North America, LovaLinda finally fell in love with Mexico where she designed her dream jobs as a Photographer and Brand Manager.

There she also met her Australian partner who shares these similar passions, so they now continue to explore this beautiful world together. After three years on the road with their self-converted camper van roaming the world, enjoying simple things, living a life of travel and working digitally, they decided to settle on the Gold Coast of Australia.

Now as a full-time mother, she shares her passions for photography and branding inspiring ideas through social media and other platforms by working along side start-ups, small and medium businesses.

Globe-trotter, blogger, social media manager, web/marketing designer, consultant, cook and obviously photographer are just some of her areas of expertise. You only need to meet Linda once to feel her level of energy and passionate drive to succeed and create with anything she touches. Not to mention she also used to be a TV host, an influencer, a journalist and much more which has provided her with invaluable life and creative experience.

LovaLinda enjoys going with the flow, to discover breathtaking landscapes, have adventures, drink lemon water, eat vegan brownies and carrot cakes, be barefoot on the sand, share her “joie de vivre” and take pictures. She is constantly amazed and captivated by the beauty that exists on our planet.

Her passion for photography is endless. You will never see Linda without her camera. However she doesn’t define herself as a professional photographer. She thinks that once photography becomes a job it’s easy to lose the passion and fascination that originally brought her to it!

LovaLinda is now excited to share this platform with the services she offers to bring value to your life, your event, your business and provide an enlightening and rewarding collaboration.

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