«It is really nice when a photographer it’s able to coach you in a way that it is empowering, I felt that Linda was able to create a safe and comfortable space where I could be myself.
She was able to capture more than just an image. I love her enthusiasm and easy attitude, I had fun and forgot about the tension of been photographed.»

Laura Castro

«As a photographer myself, I really appreciate Linda’s directing abilities. She is great at bringing both subject and composition together quickly; while using her keen eye to balance colour and light. She is very encouraging, enthusiastic, easy to shoot with and delivers top quality images with fast turn around.»

Dagan Beach

«I am absolutely blow away by the many moments that Linda captured of me in such a short period time, literally within an hour or two! I am generally a nervous wreck in front of the camera and this was the first time during a photo shoot that I felt completely comfortable and sexy…. something I have never said in my whole entire life! I felt SEXY! Growing up as a Tom-Boy constantly playing sports and never referring to myself in such a way, I felt extremely beautiful and accepting of myself and was able to embrace my femininity with ease. She captured and enhanced my true essence in her photos and I am thrilled that she is offering her services to women because it was such an enjoyable and nourishing experience. I am so grateful to have these photos to share with my friends and family and to use in my professional career. I now understand how important the connection with one’s photographer is- in my opinion it is truly the foundation for a successful photo-shoot when focusing on one person. I highly recommend working with Linda. This girl is ON FIRE, and I am confident that she will take her career to extraordinary heights in the future. An overall fantastic experience! There is no doubt I will work with her again and cannot wait!»

Dr. Brianne McKenzie

«I’m typically very uncomfortable in front of the camera, but Linda made me feel like myself, at ease and surprisingly beautiful. Working with her was a very natural process. She truly has a talent for finding a persons individuality and capturing that inner spirit on film. I’m grateful I will always have that moment in time documented.
I am actually friends with some of the people in her portraits and she captures their essence perfectly! It’s certainly not just your typical headshot, it’s a full experience that I highly recommend. I walked away feeling confident, comfortable and beautiful in my own skin – that is a priceless gift. Thank you Linda!»

Emma Penelope

Emma Testimonial | Facebook Screen Shot | About LovaLinda Photography

«What I thought would be a traditional shoot for a few basic photos, turned into one of the most uplifting, confidence boosting and self love sessions that I have ever had in my life. I left feeling beautiful, empowered and feminine just like LovaLinda. LovaLinda is truly a gift and I highly recommend her.»

Karen Piacquadio

Karen Testimonial | Facebook Screen Shot | About LovaLinda Photography

Karen Testimonial | Facebook ScreenShot | About LovaLinda Photography

Alee Testimonial | Facebook Screen Shot | About LovaLinda Photography