Brianne McKenzie

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Brianne McKenzie

Surf at Saladita |Brianne McKenzie | LovaLinda Photography

Pool Present Moment Retreat - Brianne McKenzie Troncones - LovaLinda Photography

Brianne McKenzie - Sunset Playa Troncones | LovaLinda Photography

Troncones | Brianne McKenzie | LovaLinda Photography

Brianne McKenzie - Zihuatanejo - LovaLinda Photography

Twilight | Brianne McK - Troncones - LovaLinda Photography

«I am absolutely blow away by the many moments that Linda captured of me in such a short period time, literally within an hour or two! I am generally a nervous wreck in front of the camera and this was the first time during a photo shoot that I felt completely comfortable and sexy…. something I have never said in my whole entire life! I felt SEXY! Growing up as a Tom-Boy constantly playing sports and never referring to myself in such a way, I felt extremely beautiful and accepting of myself and was able to embrace my femininity with ease. She captured and enhanced my true essence in her photos and I am thrilled that she is offering her services to women because it was such an enjoyable and nourishing experience. I am so grateful to have these photos to share with my friends and family and to use in my professional career. I now understand how important the connection with one’s photographer is- in my opinion it is truly the foundation for a successful photo-shoot when focusing on one person. I highly recommend working with Linda. This girl is ON FIRE, and I am confident that she will take her career to extraordinary heights in the future. An overall fantastic experience! There is no doubt I will work with her again and cannot wait!»

Dr. Brianne McKenzie

Brianne Mc Kenzie - Troncones - LovaLinda Photography


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